Building the mobile theatre;

Raising the Corona's rooftopThe smartest tent alive

Trying to invent new ideas and methods for these structures you will often look to the past, rediscovering the logic of what has for a long time, even centuries, been commonly used. When designing the structure one must consider:

Raising the Corona's rooftopBuilding the mobile theatre

Inside a theatre we reflect, parody and respond to daily life. We step into a different world which allows us to take distance. From the Bosco theatre and Danspaleis, I have learnt that a round space provides an extra strength (like the tipi and yurt) to counteract wind force. A round space also creates a special magic. It “cuts loose” from the surroundings while a rectangular structure fits in with surrounding buildings. Upon entering a round space you loose your sense of direction. In a rectangular theatre, space is split between the audience and the stage. In a circus setting the audience sits all around the “stage”. This gives emphasis to the act and makes the audience laugh, applaud (protest?) as a single entity.

Floorplan of the Corona Theater

The concept of the Bosco is between these two. The seating is in a half moon shape and it appears that performers are inspired by this arrangement. It heightens the contact between them and the audience. As it heightens contact between members of the audience themselves. The Corona will maintain this and have additional features: