The Corona Theatre

Built in 2012 and 2013

An original design by Flip Jansen.

Realisation with the help and advise of various
professionals of Dutch tent building.

Special thanks to:
Louis Silvertand and Chris van den Berg (D-O-K art construction work, Soesterberg)
Hans Glaudemans expert in tent roof skin (De Markies, Nijmegen)
Victor van der Meiden (Stage Textiles, Weesp)


Corona Theatre - The Grand Opening


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Video coverage of The Grand Opening on YouTube:

Film by Bobbie Roelofs.


News coverage in two main Dutch, daily newspapers:

de Volkskrant on October 8, 2013


Het Parool on September 30, 2013

Newspaper article about Corona   Newspaper article about Corona

Click here to read the newspaper article (PDF)


Click here to read the newspaper article (PDF)


How we did it...

The building of the smartest tent alive


Get to know the story behind Corona's new construction
and how Flip Jansen and his team, actually managed to build the smartest tent alive!

On the following pages, you'll find more information on the development of the Corona, mobile theatre.

From the History to the Building.

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Corona maquette
  Maquette of "Corona" - mobile theatre



The Bosco TheatreThe Bosco Theatre

Besides the Corona Theatre our firm is the proud owner of the Bosco Theatre, an original Dutch "Kermis-circus" tent which was built in 1909.

Recently, the Bosco Theatre has been renovated and is in good shape.
The tent is very stable for all weather conditions. Read more: