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Floorplan of the Corona Theater

Technical Details
Capacity of spectators : 325 adults
Stage : 80 m2 (ellipse)
Two emergency exits and one backstage door (width 1.50 mtrs) .
Roof : a ± 500 grs non transparent deep red fabric (fire resistant M2)
Factory certificate by Veritex Holland
Entrance : the 16 meters wide vestibule with open front .
Two alu staircases (width 1.50 mtrs)

Max height in the centre of the dome : 8 meters,
on the outside walls : 4.50 meters
Diameter of the dome : 16 meters
Total length of the tent : 20 meters
Width : 16 meters

Floorplans in PDF
Click here to download the five Floorplans in PDF.

AutoCAD model of the Corona Theater

Floorplan in AutoCAD format
Please send us an email, when you're interested in receiving the AutoCAD file format of the floorplan of the Corona Theater.

Build and reload
Dependant on local circumstances the tent can be build in just less than 2 working days and removed in one day.

The corona is stored into two 40ft high cube containers that need to be positioned and grounded near the actual building site during the build and the reload.

The corona construction has been approved by
Ing. Buro Dipl.-Ing. Martin Kesper Dortmund
being in accordance with European standards :
DIN 4112 , 18800, DIN EN 12385-4

According to weather circumstances the entrance can be fitted with a special canvas that provides a smaller entrance and can also be used to shut the tent overnight.

In the entrance area a number of panels can be removed and fitted with horizontal boards and herewith realize a bar, a wardrobe, info counter etc.

The façade of the theatre itself can be exchanged for one’s own design, showing sponsor, show or otherwise.

Apart from the theatre version the corona dome can also be used without the entrance and seating construction, with open or closed outside walls.

The roof of the dome can be charged by weights (lights, acts) provided that these weights are being spread evenly on various sections .

Under the seating is a large space that may be used as storage (flight cases) positioning of electrical equipment and transit of various cables heating tubes etc.